Nothing is lost in spirit..

After a few cold, stormy days our beloved beach has been intensely junked over. Now that the sun is back and sea has calmed down all kinds of items appear that have lost their owners. We have decided to categorise and log these lonely items in case someone, somewhere is missing them.

The bags of the days contain:
* 1 fishing net (very tangled)
* 3 bits of rope (blue, yellow, white)
* 3 dark brown medicine bottles
* A large yellow plastic cover
* 5 syringes
* 1 small Bic lighter (was red now light pink)
* 1 baseball cap
* 1 unused suppository
* 1 scraper
* 1 CAT sandal – child size
* 1 tiny white bow tie
* 1 sock (possibly grey)
* 2 green buckshots (used)


* 3 toothbrushes
* 6 plastic bottles
* A dozen straws – various sizes
* 5 smaller bits of styrofoam
* 1/2 5 l. canister w. lid
* Plastic tubs – various sizes
* Plastic lids – various sizes
* Orange bucket (broken)
* 7 aluminium cans in various stages of decay
* 200 bottle tops – assorted colours
* 6 unidentified plastic sticks with yellow liquid
* 2 short bits of rubber pipe
* 1 small ice cream spoon
* dozens bits of coloured bits of plastic

medicine bottle

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