For the 22 people with only 1 shoe…

After the heavy winds yesterday rain clouds gathered over the beach, so it was a quick visit to do the collection of the day. The item of the day must be: shoes! I counted 22 individual summer shoes in all imaginable sizes, from a baby shoe to man’s flip-flops. Get sad thinking of all these people having to hobble home from a day at the beach in one flowery sandal after having the other rudely snatched by the salty sea. Well, it’s here if you need it!

* 52 plastic bottle tops
* 22 individual beach sandals (sizes: baby – 40)

shoes  baby shoe
* 2 empty bic lighters (1 white, 1 green)
* 6 medicine bottles
* 5 syringes
* 2 used buckshots (1 green, 1 orange)
* 3 small bits of styrofoam
* Assorted pieces of plastic
* 1 medical cream
* 1 toothbrush
* 1 red sun screen lid (factor 25)
* 1 whole tangled up fishing net (yellow, no fish)
* 1 small, orange plastic stool
* 1 biro, no lid
* 1 piece of LEGO (white)
* 1 teething ring (almost complete)
* 1 green glass bottle (whole but has been in sea for a while)

glass bottle

* 1 piece of rope (30cm)
* 1 green plastic window box (broken on one side)
* 1 blue plastic playboy bunny head (CLAIMED!)
* 1 white connection pipe
* 1 flowery table cloth (150×200)
* 1 man’s T-shirt (grey w. orange neck)
* 1 tin of Tulip luncheon meat

playboy bunny

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