pharmaceuticals & 1 broken heart..

Darker reflections were brought on by the collection today. Among the usual sea of plastic debris a disturbing amount of medical items were to be found. Dark medical bottles, tubes of prescription creams and syringes keep getting churned up on to the seaside. Where do they come from? Who is taking bottle upon bottle? Questions evoking thoughts of addiction, self-medication and using drugs as a panacea of all sufferings. Somehow unsurprisingly a broken heart presented itself underlining the sad gatherings.


* 17 medicine bottles
* 3 syringes
* 3 tubes of prescription cream
* 62 bottle tops
* 1 broken heart

broken heart

* 5 Bic lighters
* 2 disposable shavers (1 headless)
* 3 empty suppositories
* 3 plastic water bottles
* 2 thin black plastic pipes
* 2 biros
* 2 pen lids (no connection to above)
* 1 chess piece (red queen)

red queen

* 1 white bendy pipe
* 5 distilled water capsules for contacts
* 4 individual sandals
* Assorted plastic bits
* 5 bits of rope (max 20cm)
* 1 inhaler
* 1 pair of sunglasses


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