there’s a light…

More intensely beautiful days by the sea. The sun spreads so much joy that we spotted a fellow beach-lover diving into the blue, blue waters. On the collecting side we found 12 used lighters and 1 light bulb – all spreading a glow on the matter at hand: taking care of our wonderful shores.

Yoghurt pots

* 1 syringe
* 12 lighters
* 1 pink toothbrush
* 5 yoghurt pots (in various stages of decomposition)
* Assorted bits of plastic
* Knotted rope (white)
* 1 light bulb
* A green no. 2
* A window cleaning Squeegee
* 1 plastic flower


* 2 bits of styrofoam
* 2 short bits of pipe
* 10 bottle tops

Plastic flower

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