Sunny Sunday…

Sundays on the island are possibly the most relaxing ever. Everyone has oceans of time to visit family and enjoy the weather. Yet the beach never rests and this morning she held plenty of plastic waste; including a Green Seahorse, a Black Box (not used onboard flights) and a heart – dirty but not broken.

During the work we met four happy local fishermen, aged 10-11, heading for the rocks to try their luck. Made me sad to discover a couple of syringes in the sand moments after we said goodbye, knowing that they are used to these types of sightings.

black box

* 43 bottle tops
* 2 syringes
* 1 Chess piece (Black Pawn – Queen already located)
* 1 Black Box
* 1 heart (not broken)
* 1 used buckshot


* Heaps of assorted plastic
* 3 bits of styrofoam
* 2 aluminium cans
* 2 lighters
* 1 glass medicine bottle

fishing float

* 2 beach shoes
* 1 Fishing Float
* 22 plastic bottles
* 1 Green Seahorse
* 1 Broken Green rake (plastic)
* 1 Yoghurt pot


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