beach siting of UFOS (Unidentified Floating Objects)

The waves today are so round, soft and playful – so inviting. Of course this brings in less welcome sitings too; such a fishing net caught in the rocks and a large sheet of Styrofoam. Quite a few office articles appeared among the debris as well as a wide selection of beauty products. Most exciting has to be 2 UFOs that landed on the shore. The invasion may start any day now…


5 shoes
13 plastic bottles
5 glass medicine bottles
1 plastic medicine bottle
2 ufos (unidentified floating objects)
1 fishing net

Beauty products

1 bottle of shampoo
2 deodorants
1 mini flask of oil
Tube of toothpaste
Plastic coffee cup
1 yellow lid for plastic casserole
4 fishing floats
1 blue pencil
3 pen tops
2 tubes of glue
Assorted plastic
Big piece of Styrofoam
2 glass booze bottles
11 lighters
1 hypodermic needle
1 syringe
1 plastic orange rake (claimed)
1/2 kinder egg wrapper (no surprise!)
2 tubes of medicinal cream
1 disposable razor
3 floats for fishing
1 fish tail (plastic)

fishing gear

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