these shoes were made for walking…

There was a 15 minute storm last night stirring up the sea. Come morning the beach had returned to her usual happy spirits but still didn’t manage to suppress countless abandoned items waiting to be claimed. A green plastic tennis racket jumped into view – setting a sophisticated tone to the day. An overwhelming amount of shoes turned up just a few 100m from our site. Flip-flops, sandals and 1 high heel in sizes from 22 to 44. After our visit they all obediently plodded along to the collection point – hopefully showing the way to other lost items.

beach walk

* 14 shoes (no pairs)
* 4 plastic bottles
* 1 hypodermic needle
* 1 light bulb
* 6 plastic coffee cups
* 17 straws

starfish & coffee

* 1 glass perfume bottle (not fancy)
* 2 glass booze bottles
* 3 glass medicine bottles
* 1 bag full of plastic bits
* 4 used lighters
* 1 tennis racket (small, green plastic)
* 1 aluminum can
* 1 rocket launch (red plastic)
* 3 biros
* 99 bottle tops
* plastic bags
* 4 bits of pipe
* 4 bits of Styrofoam (including 1 mini box)
* 1 comb
* 1 umbrella handle


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