Coffee and cigarettes.. and a star..

This will be our last visit to the beach for 12 days, though a dear houseguest will be watching over her. Keeping down the surge of Styrofoam, plastic and waste can at times be overwhelming. Today’s collection includes 7 washing line pegs, assorted plastic coffee cups and 5 fishing line floats. Oh! And the 1st cigarette butt surfaced, which is a sad development, as these shores have been nicotine-free until now.


2 plastic bottles
1 black felt tip pen
1 tub of molasses (half full)
Part of a garden chair (green)
Plastic bags
5 fishing net floats


3 plastic coffee cups
1 star
1 Umbrella handel
1 green plastic flower
Pipe (various lengths)
Rope (knotted)
7 clothes pegs (mostly broken)
1 tiny medicine bottle (choriomon)
6 bits of Styrofoam
Assorted bits of plastic small & large


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