Sisyphus on the beach…

Attacking the soiled shores of Happy Beach seems easier when supported by a touching amount of online cheers, a 17-year-old on his winter break, and our little dog. Gathering the larger debris and more “airborne” materials appears to be the best way to start. Despairingly for every collected piece of lost waste loads more is calling out to be found, and after working for 2 hours we barely made a dent in this bizarre plastic inferno.

collection of the day

The collection of the day contained:

* 54 aluminium cans
* 23 plastic bottles
* 4 empty fishing line spools
* 1 float (Octopus)
* 15m of pipe
* Net, rope
* 1 lid for garbage can
* 7m of plastic sheeting


* Lots of assorted pieces of plastic
* 2 water pistols
* 2 diving masques
* 6 empty buckshots
* 1 green elephant (for Oliver)
* 2 shoes
* 2 syringes

Our evening stroll along the shore confirmed this experience – bottles, plastic tubs, fishing nets and huge amounts of bamboo dramatically mark the contours of the turbulent waves of the past few nights.


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