After a cloud of rain in the morning the sun decided to shine lovingly on Happy Beach the rest of the day. Giving the clean up team plenty of energy to embrace the task at hand. Molly and I attacked the plastic battlefield whilst Oliver sorted among the seaweed and driftwood. This amounted to filling 2 sacks with plastic bits and nets that reached a total of 12.4kg. A tiny footballer along with a big football turned up to cheers us on…


* 2 sacks of plastic debris – 12.4kg total
* 75 bottle tops
* 1 plastic pistol
* 1 footballer
* 1 football
* 29 plastic bottles
* 5 plastic cups

12.4 kilos

* 45 straws
* 1 syringe
* 2 lighters
* 1 jumper
* 1 pair of blue trousers
* 1 sock
* 1 shoe
* 1 pink hair elastic
* 2 bits of fabric
* 3 fabric flowers
* 2m of pipe
* 1 toothbrush
* 1 toilet brush
* 5 used buckshot

Finally we created a beach fashion show with collected clothes from the beach.

Fashion Show

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