It takes some balls…

The waves have been playfully crashing onto Happy Beach for 3 days now – in sunshine, rain and snow – BIG news on the island. These soft, rolling giants have only delivered a limited selection of new trash on the shores. Nevertheless a huge amount remains to be collected after the recent storm.Today counts 19kg of rubbish in 2 sacks in addition to a surprising number of balls in various sizes… Staring in the face of what appears to be endless supplies of waste plastic requires patience and maybe some cojones too – so thanks for these!


* 19kg of assorted plastic, styrofoam & fabrics
* 16 plastic bottles
* 45 bottle tops
* 3 shoe soles
* 1 shoe
* 5 balls – in all sizes
* 2 buckshot
* 3m of pipe – black & orange
* 1 lighter
* 1.5m of thick rope
* 1 biro

happy beach

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