think about the future..

Happy Beach was at its most beautiful today in glorious sunshine urging us to clean up as much as possible. Plastic bits in all sizes still wash up on the shores and get buried under the vegetation or wedged between rocks. Among the 5.4kgs collected today were items belonging to babies and toddlers which inspired me to send a little prayer to their parents: Let your children enjoy the diverse wonders of this beautiful world – just like you do. Teach them to respect her seas, woods, mountains and bountiful nature. Peace.

the children

* 4 plastic bottles
* 5.4kg of plastic, nets & styrofoam
* 1 wing (plastic)
* 3 small shoes
* 2 dummies
* 1 car tire (inner tube)
* 6 buckshot
* 4 fishing floats
* 2 smarties lids
* 1 light bulb
* 3m of pipe
* 3m iron wire
* 3 clothes pegs
* 1 syringe


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