So many Mermaid’s tears….

Today I needed encouragement and decided to think back a couple of weeks to when we returned home from our trip abroad to a less happy beach covered in an upsetting amount of debris. Though it goes against my normal ideals I think in this case a set of “before” and “after” picture might be interesting to view.

before after again

The reason for this feel-good flashback was the discovery of a very disturbing phenomenon further down the beach. Clusters of “nurdles” (also called Mermaids Tears) mix with organic matter to form little islands on the shore. The nurdles are highly dangerous micro bites of plastic. When they end up in the sea they often become mistaken for food by fish and birds – and finally we also consume them. After an hour in the sands I only managed to collect a small yogurt pot full of these cretins. There are 100.000s more. So whilst the big picture might look more pleasing a serious threat to our wildlife is still in plain view – small but deadly. Enough to bring tears to the eyes of mortals and mermaids alike.


Collection of the day:

* 1 small yogurt pot of nurdles 😦
* 1 bag of assorted plastic, styrofoam, aluminium
* 1 plastic canister (5l)
* 1 micro plastic arm
* 1 micro monkey head
* 2 bits of pipe
* 15 bottle tops

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