And we have a winner!

Yesterday started out gloomy on Happy Beach. The recent discovery of an approx. 50m stretch, where nurdles and small plastic bits collect, evoked the “what-am-I-doing-this-for” and “the-world-is-going-to-hell” feelings in me. Additionally it was too windy to attack the little cretins anyway. So I decided to be constructive and fill another sack of “regular” waste to keep the spirits up – and had no premonition of things to come.


Collection of the day:
* 7.4kg of plastic, styrofoam, aluminium
* 1 kite (broken, Barbie motif)
* 6 plastic bottles
* 3 knives


* 1 bunch of grapes (plastic)
* 1 shoe
* 2 buckshot
* 2 clothes pegs
* 2 pens

Little did I know that Happy Beach had been announced the first winner of the 2minutebeachclean photo competition! On opening my Instagram account in the evening I was overwhelmed with cheers, praise and a touching announcement that the “before & after storm” photo of Happy Beach had won. What great encouragement to find so many generous people all over the world caring for our environment – and I get a pair of new, fancy flip-flops!


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