It’s been an eventful weekend. With plenty of new-comers to Happy Beach. Saturday we drove to the Paphiakos Animal Shelter in Paphos. It was an intense and heartbreaking experience. The shelter houses more than 1000 cats, dogs, donkeys, goats and other abandoned or abused animals. It’s run by the founder’s wife, the tenacious Katrien, who struggles with lack of funds but is supported by an awe-inspiring team of employees and volunteers. It’s impossible to leave this place unaffected. A little Terrier pup decided it wanted to come home with us – and we will gladly foster and look for a good home for her.
Please meet beach cleaning dog no. 2 – Eddie:

molly and eddie

Our Sunday visitor was of the two-legged kind (I presume). The two dogs got me early out of bed and we went to inspect the beach. Somebody had already frequented the Happy Beach collection point – maybe one of the local fishermen hoping to find something he had lost. The 3 orange seats had been thrown aside and a green stone and 1kg yoghurt pot had been claimed! I use the pot to store more dangerous items like hypodermic needles and knives, and they had just been dumped in the toy trough. I’m very pleased that someone found use for this item – if only the claiming had been more respectful.


Undeterred we tidied up the chairs and continued our exploration of the beach. The collection of the day included:
* 1 rucksack
* 3 plastic bottles
* 1 plastic tub
* Paper bag (from the baker)
* Styrofoam
* 7.4kg of assorted plastic, metal, aluminium.
* 1 piece of green fabric
* 1 tape ring (no tape)

rucksack  tape

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