Message in a bottle…

Have been on an inspiring journey to the arctic region, where I took a boat trip to the glacier at the beginning of the icecap. Here we were surrounded by a kind of stillness I’ve never heard before. Nothing but the soft lapping of water against the drifting boat and occasional creaking of the 10.000 year old ice floes. It was such an intense experience of this powerful, yet vulnerable, natural resource – that we all have a responsibility to protect in any way we can.

ice cap

Now it’s great to be back on Happy Beach! And luckily the winter storms have subsided so her shores aren’t too bad. But there is plenty of work to be done 🙂


As the sea is calm I was able to climb into a ravine close to the beach that has been collecting plastic bottles all winter or longer. It was great to finally be able to lift them out.

selection of bottles

Collection of the day:
* 41 plastic bottles
* 1 shoe
* 1/2 plate
* 1 plastic fork
* 2 packs of cigarettes (unopened)
* assorted bits of plastic
* styrofoam
* 3 aluminium cans
* 1 Lipton Tea flag (ripped)
* fishing line
* rope
* And 14kg bag of trash removed from the collection point


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