the outraged sea…

Happy Beach has been roaring the last couple of days – not letting me close to her at all. This could be due to the build up of an upcoming Coptic Storm, effects of the new moon or a general rage against the stories of dire human suffering connected to the Mediterranean.

The trafficking of people seeking a better life across her depths is not a new phenomenon at all but I do hope that the current media spotlight will force people with actual power to remove their blinkers and look for sustainable solutions to problems that we have contributed to.

Enough wallowing.


The collection of today included:

* 1 oil drum
* 1 top of plastic canister
* aluminium cans
* 1 plastic hand
* half a football
* 9 plastic bottles

small hand

* 1 lighter
* hand-fulls of Styrofoam
* assorted plastic
* 2 women’s flip-flops
* 1 shoe sole
* 1 pink plastic rake (end bit)
* 1 medicine bottle

* 6kg bag of trash lifted out of the collection point.


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