Hope for our Oceans…

Summer has arrived to Happy Beach with hot, sunny days and sweltering nights. The sea is still ever changing – soft one day, tempestuous the other. Even so the amounts of debris has fallen drastically since wintertime. It currently competes with rubbish left behind by fishermen and others. From time to time leisurely visitors walk past the collection point and study this curious installation – hopefully they might add to the batch, as I’ll be leaving these happy shores for a while for another trip north.

It’s been an adventure getting to know this little corner of the bay. I’ve been in awe of the beauty all around me. Humbled by the perpetual sea, and her many moods. Frustrated by the mountains of rubbish pouring onto the shore. Yet this has taught me so much about the condition of our planet. And an added bonus – at time my only motivators – has been the amazing projects/ people I’ve come across on this journey through social media. In Cornwall the relentless 2 Minute Beach Cleaners inspire hoards of people to care for the UK coastline. The Litterati project invites people everywhere to document trash in their virtual dumpsite. Two Hands Project and Take3ForTheSea both work hard to keep Australia’s beaches beautiful. In Hawaii Nurdle in the Rough makes jewellery from collected plastic and in Cornwall Smartie Lids on the Beach creates artworks from found items. And there are so many, many more great people working hard all over the globe picking up rubbish, sometimes in nasty conditions, because they believe one person can make a change. I will take this with me, as I say goodbye for now.

uncle Nina

Collection of the day:
* 1 cigaret butt
* 1 lighter
* 1 liquor bottle
* 1 wine bottle (broken)
* Styrofoam freezer box (lid found previously)
* 4 plastic bottles
* Assorted plastic


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