Boys will be boys…

The scorching days do really draw you to anything “water” and “shade”. Overlooking Happy Beach is an abandoned house – many stories circulate about it but I won’t bore you with them here. It is modern and fitted with all kinds of luxury features, including a beautiful infinity pool that is still filled with water.

infinity pool

Recently the sea has been quite turbulent, so the pool has had visitors – boys (and some girls) from the local village, who drive out here to take a dip and hang out. It’s quite nice to have some life around the place and they seem to feel free and have fun. But… after they go there is often a trail left behind. Soft drink cans, cigarette boxes and snack papers.

house rubbish

Such a shame. I’m sure they don’t intend to be messy but just don’t give throwing stuff about a second thought.

So the collection of the day includes:
* 10 soft drink cans
* 4 empty cigarette packs
* 2 plastic bags (broken)
* Melon skins
* 3 plastic bottles


* 1 stick-on tattoo heart (not from the boys)
* 1 broom (not from the boys)
* 1 bottle of detergent (not from the boys)
* Assorted pieces of small plastic on the beach
* 5 lemons and 1 glass bottle – also from the beach, and quite a bizarre find

lemons and drinks

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