Buckshot season is here…

Winter has gently arrived in Cyprus. Yet with average sea temperatures of 21 degrees swimming is still possible, and there’s nothing quite like starting the day with a refreshing splash!

Winter also means the start of hunting season – which is a big deal on the island. Around 45.000 permits are issued allowing locals to traipse across woodlands and fields shooting at birds, rabbits and other small creatures on Wednesdays and Sundays. Their leftovers can be found on paths, roads and even the beach. My collections count a far higher number of empty buckshot shells over the winter months..


Collection includes:
* 1 white queen (chess)
* 1 paint bucket
* 10 l. orange canister
* 10 cigarette ends
* 2 juice cartons
* 2 lighters
* 2 buckshot shells
* assorted plastic


* A square piece of cardboard wrapped in plastic
* 1 toy soldier
* 1 paint roller
* 1 child’s shoe
* 8 plastic bottles
* 3 aluminium cans
* Silver foil
* Fishing line
* 1 So Easy phone card
* Styrofoam
* 7 bottle tops
* 3 plastic plates
* 2 plastic bags

evening sky

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