Thinking of Paris..

When enjoying the solitude of my beach walks thoughts tend to drift towards Paris. At first they were naturally filled with deep sadness for the lives lost, and affected, by the horrid attacks in November, and currently they are preoccupied with the COP21 conference.

Though voices on the street are impaired by security restrictions, and a nuanced media coverage seems lacking, I hope against hope that energy guzzling/ profiting nations will take heed and realise that climate change is here, it is transforming our collective habitat for good, and we must take action now.

1037 plastic bottle tops found on Happy Beach over the summer

The wonderful activist site started a virtual climate march in response to the restrictions made in Paris. It’s simple and still going on. Please join if you can. Peace.


Otherwise my walks witness the tempestuous sea churning up plenty of rubbish on the shores.

Collection of the day includes:
17 plastic bottles
10 aluminium cans
Several broken cans
4 plastic cups
Fishing line
2 plastic plates
1 spoon (red)
1 fork plastic
1 small knife
Assorted plastic
1 chair leg
2 fruit juice cartons
1 fishing reel
3 toothpaste tube tops
Bits of rope
Bits of tube
13 turtle eggs
1 dead squid
Disposable razor heads (6 pack, 2 left)
1 smartie lid
2 plastic containers
2 clothes pegs ( plastic)
2 disposable lighters
3 toy wheels

3.6kg of plastic lifted from Happy Beach in total

dinner is served

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