With a little help from my friends…

Winter on Happy Beach has so far been splendid; sunny and mild, with only two days of rain until this very day. In fact dams, lakes, woods, gardens, orchards and fields are urgently craving visits from the clouds. The calm sea made it easy to spot rubbish drifting around in the bay – like this styrofoam fish box lid salvaged by a swim out to open sea.


Rescued Styrofoam

Otherwise the gentle weather provided a small breather in which it was possible to gather the heaps of trash that had been shoved higher up on land in order to prevent the debris getting washed back into the water in stormier times.

In addition to the gentle weather Happy Beach had a long awaited family visit from the lovely Kosma Kiani crew: Jonna & Georg with their furry companions: Donna & Romeo. Together we lifted 10.4kg of plastic off the beach – and spoke about sea travel, trash, consumption and dreams.


Molly sorts out the ghost net

Amongst the collection in November was:

  • 1 Chapstick
  • 3 flip – flops
  • 5 cigarette buts
  • straws
  • plastic bottles
  • assorted plastic
  • 2 iron bars
  • irrigation pipe
  • aluminium cans
  • 3 fishing floats
  • 1 ghost net
  • styrofoam
  • 4 lighters
  • 1 Floaty (Hawaii)
  • Tin of spam (eaten)
  • 1 black polka dot headband
  • 2 glass bottles
  • 1 plastic sweet tub
  • 6 yoghurt tubs (large)
  • 1 apple
  • 1 tangerine

Kilos in total lifted from Happy Beach: 19kg.


NOT So Cool

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