Let’s do it Happy Beach!

April is still proving to be a bit chilly with dark clouds from time to time interfering with the warming sun. But fortunately this didn’t deter local residents from participating in the island-wide Let’s Do It Cyprus beach cleaning!

And for this reason I was greeted in the morning by an unusually welcome sight on Happy Beach: 10 eager beach cleaners with sacks and matching t-shirts pouring onto her sands, scouring for trash. They did their best and I could see the improvement on the next beach further down – that has been in dire need of some TLC. WELL DONE GUYS!

Lets go Cyprus

Even though this isn’t a regular event – it makes me happy to see adults and children spending part of their Sunday on this cause. The awareness raising element alone is valuable stuff.


My own humble contribution includes:

  • Toothbrush (yellow)
  • 2 yogurt pots
  • Detergent bottle
  • 3 fishing floats
  • 23 bottle tops
  • 2 clothes pegs
  • 2 lighter
  • 6 bottles
  • 2 glass medical bottles
  • 2 syringe
  • 1 butterfly (plastic)
  • 1 no 2 mould (yellow)
  • a headless toy soldier
  • Assorted pieces of broken plastic
  • Nivea skin cream lid
  • Anti-ageing hand cream tube (empty)
  • broken cans
  • A broken light bulb
  • 1 fishing lure
  • Rope / various sizes and lengths
  • 4 straws
  • a paper coffee cup
  • 3 tube caps
  • 1 broken t-shirt
  • 1 Danish yogurt
  • 1 mini light bulb (complete)
  • Nasty brown handbag
  • an old newspaper
  • 2 plastic bags

Total lifted off Happy Beach: 7.3 kg

danish yoghurt

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