The Remains of Winter…

It’s been far too long between posts, but not between clean-ups!

fishing net

Tangled Fishing Net

The sea has been calm as a lake for more than a week. The water temperature is 18,3C, so it’s still possible to take a dip. All in all Winter has been lovely and mild on the island, only interrupted by a coptic storm or cloudy day.

The last couple of storms have left significant scars on our Happy Beach shores – copious amounts of plastic all along the coastline, and our little corner has been covered in a deep pile of dead seaweed, which is smelling and infiltrated with even more debris.

A tangled fishing net weighing well over 40 kg was tossed ashore during the turbulence – too heavy for me to remove completely but we managed to drag it out of reach of the next session of waves.


Storms on Happy Beach


72 plastic bottles
8 lighters
1 pair of goggles
3 fishing nets
Irrigation pipes
Plastic cutlery
Plastic cups
46 cans
broken can bits
1 car fender (Opal)
1 car mat
3 tea lights
11 glow sticks
3 smartie lids
2 arms (plastic toy)


Helping Hand

8 fishing line reels
Tangled fishing line
4 shoot gun cartridges
Bits of broken plastic
A disposable shaver (disposed in the sea)
Endless amounts of plastic bags, sheets
Countless bottle tops
2 cigarette packets
7 cigarette butts
4 shoes
1 boot
1 flip-flop
2 medical bottles
18 straws
1 glass bottles (booze, empty)
Broken glass
1 star (floresent)
3 syringes
1 piece of lego (green)
1 Sun Cap
1 plastic folder (red)
1 water wing (pink, Disney theme)
2 balloons
1 toothbrush
1 tube of shaving cream
A green horse
3m of rope
1 metal spoon
1 clothes hanger
2 detergent bottle

Collected in total: 19,5 Kg – still in progress.

tooth paste

Shaving Cream

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