The intruders

This winter on Happy Beach has been mild and constantly changing. It’s such a privilege to live by her side and witness them all.

Happy Beach

Happy Happy Beach dweller

Every storm, each turbulent day shifts the seabed and shoreline. Sand and stone dunes move, rocks get eaten away bit by bit.

Observing these breathtaking movements of nature makes the constant flow of man-made plastics and trash even harder to bear. Each piece seems like an intrusion, a blemish, a threat to these treasures that are billions of years old.

air freshener

Air freshener!?

But fortunately larger and larger bodies in industry as well as politics are taking the problem seriously thanks to the constant pressure applied by so many brilliant grass-root groups around the world. Will address this further later.

For now, the latest collection includes:

1 dummy
1 sun cap
9 straws
28 cans
41 plastic bottles
Pieces of fabric
Bottle tops
2 small glass medical bottle
Bits of plastic
1 q-tip
1 baby beach sandal
1 ball in the shape of Santa Claus (claimed by Bruno)
1 rainbow unicorn glass floater
Food wrapping
1 nappy
8 lighters
5 gun shot cases
Net and rope
Plastic cups
Hair elastic (found by Lula)
1 Graduation shirt


Congratulations – think you forgot something…

Shards of glass
Countless can fragments
1 Broken EU palette
2 Syringes
1 piece of Lego (pink)
Ballon bits
2 Smartie lids
1 boot
Cigarette butts
6 glow sticks
2 aerosol cans
1 rusty clothes hanger
2 styrofoam fish boxes
8 Fishing floats
1 shaver (headless)
1 hard-hat
2 broom heads
1 scrubbing brush (pink)
1 torch

Total lifted from Happy Beach: 14.1 KG.

styrofoam box


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