Every drop counts…

It seems like all of Europe is experiencing a summery, sunny weather. Cyprus is no exception. The mild winter has ensured that we have plenty of wildlife activity in the gardens, hills and fields – and of course in the sea too.

The sea turtles are arriving on the beach in droves. Last year the visits were few and far between but this year the ladies are busy. Every morning there are new tracks and new nests to discover. I’ve counted 16 so far.


And one night we had the privilege of witnessing a sea turtle making her nest. It’s exhausting work and takes a long time, and of course they should be disturbed as little as possible! So, we sat with her for a few minutes only, and took a discrete photo – then left her to finish her labour.

Turtle lady

Seeing the beach being transformed into nurturing ground for new turtle lives is incredible and makes the plastic collecting all the more worth while. More often than not picking up after other people’s carelessness does seem like a drop in the ocean – but I suppose every little drop counts. At least, when the time comes, these little ones won’t have to struggle through hills of bottle tops, get caught in string and netting or trapped in empty plastic cups on the way to their home in the sea.

Plastic Turtle.jpg

Collection includes:

1/2 EU pallet
1 flip-flop (black)
1 beach shoe (black)
1 pink tiara (new beach cleaning hat for me)

trashing it.jpg
7 cigarette butts
Plastic bits
15 plastic bottles
5 soda cans
6 straws
Plastic cutlery (spoons, forks, knives)
Plastic line – around 6m
Vegetable box (plastic)
Styrofoam box lid
1 plastic turtle (sand toy)
Plastic dairy pot (arabic)
1 empty plastic milk bottle (Cypriot)
Shampoo bottle
1 cap
1 tub of spearmint gum (empty)
Styrofoam bits
3 beer cans – 1 half full, 1 full, 1 empty (shamefully Carlsberg)

1 aerosol can
Coffee cups (plastic)
Bottle tops
1 used passata carton
2 broken biros
1 toothbrush head
3 lighters
3 knife handles

new hat

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