The final cleanup…

I returned to Happy Beach 2 1/2 weeks ago after an long, hot Scandinavian summer. As always she was a bit worse for wear. Thick blankets of dried seaweed with plenty of plastic nasties woven in between were strewn along the shore.

Nevertheless, her loveliness prevails, and though rumour has it that the sea was particularly rough throughout the season – it calmed down to a friendly swell, so I’ve been able to enjoy my swims to the full.

Happy Beach View

Making it all the more difficult to say goodbye.
If there is one thing certain about life it is – that it changes.
Circumstances are compelling us to leave this little spot in the Mediterranean, and make new stories elsewhere.

I’m indebted to Happy Beach for so many valuable lessons. I’ve learnt how nature is constantly adapting. We often perceive nature as being something sturdy and fixed that is connected to our origins, something we, as transient humans, have lost. But this is far from the truth. Happy Beach is constantly shifting her sands, polishing the shapes of rocks, welcoming new species, and even adapting to the invasions of man-made intruders, such as litter. Through her I’ve learnt about ocean pollution and connected with an inspiring community of beach-lovers all over the world. I’ve learnt to sail a motorboat (being a non-driver, this is a big thing) and love being on a SUP. I’ve learnt about the sea turtles and been privileged to witness both egg-laying, birth and also the death of these incredible creatures.

Early morning

Happy Beach – my thanks for all these wonderful lessons has been a humble attempt to remove some of the plastic and trash cluttering up your system. For 4 years I have tried to record my findings by keeping a log of the rubbish I’ve removed. I have noted the types of trash – from EU pallets to shoes to hypodermic needles and lego – and weighed as much as I can. In total the measured amount comes to: 254,7 kg

The final collection includes:
* 6 shoes
* 4 lighters
* 23 plastic cups
* 6 straws
* 2 sunhats
* 2 yogurt tubs
* 1 paint brush
* numerous bottle tops and plastic fragments
* fishing line
* 2 balloons tied together
* 2 sets of swimming googles
* fishing floats
* 5 glowsticks
* 18 plastic bottles
* a headband
* 1 water pistol
* 1 inhaler
* styrofoam

Kilos collected: 6,2kg (included in the grand total)

Nothing is lost in spirit!

into the sunset

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