The beautiful island of Cyprus is graced with countless glorious beaches that host 10.000s locals and visitors every year on their fine golden sands, cool pebbly shores or vulcanic stone flats. Many of them are well cared for, but some are sadly neglected.

We are among the fortunate souls living in an utterly breathtaking corner of the island at the end of the Chrysochous Bay. Our house is framed by green, rolling hills and overlooks an idyllic stretch of beach…. butbutbut… currents and high waves toss up endless amounts of junk and rubbish on these peaceful shores.

After sighing, questioning and despairing over the growing pollution we concluded that all this stuff must once have belonged to someone! On a well deserved holiday a person wearing flip-flops might have lost a shoe in the sand, after a long, hot day someone may have welcomed a cool bottle of water and misplaced it too close to the sea, or a busy parent serving a beach picnic could be wondering what on earth happened to that tub of yoghurt…. They are all to be found right in front of our home.

With the motto “nothing is lost in spirit” we formed the lost & found beach project; collecting and logging all the abandoned items in the hope that one day they can be reunited with their owners.

happy beach


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