May I introduce Bebop…

In June 2018 this abandoned young dog was trying to make friends with any kind soul that visited Happy Beach. Some tourists fed him for a week or so, but after they left, he was alone again.

Rescue me


We tried to find a home for him among neighbours and friends but no one had room. Bebop worked very hard to join our other dogs for a little protection and friendship – so we didn’t have the heart to chase him back into a life of fear and hunger.

The vet told us that Bebop is around 2 years old and overall healthy. We fed him up and he has been vaccinated and is free from ticks, worms and fleas. Currently he is not neutered but we will organise this soon.

Bebop relaxing

I like relaxing in the shade…

Breed and personality
Bebop is a pointer mix – possibly with cyprus beagle. A classic local hunting breed that is famous for their gentle nature and good nose. He has short fur and keeps very clean – so easy to groom.

Bebop is housebroken and learns fast. It is obvious that his previous owner beat dogs, as Bebop is a bit shy of strangers at first. In the beginning he would run away when I used the broom – but after a while realised that is wasn’t dangerous.

With a good nose like Bebop’s he loves to sniff around and dig in the soft earth. He is friendly with other dogs and sweetly plays with a toy by himself when others are busy. He LOVES treats and his dinner – which is good for training purposes.

In general his is a calm dog, who only asks to be safe, loved and to get a good meal.

He weighs around 15kg, about 70cm tall and 70cm long.

Enjoying a splash

And a little splash…

The adoption process
Bebop is a gentle boy, who will be a good companion to a person or family looking to bring happiness into a dog’s life. We want to do what we can to ensure this can happen, as it’s not possible for us to keep him due to changes in our living situation.

Therefore we have committed ourselves to do the following:

* Ensure that Bebop has the microchipping and papers required.
* Ensure that he has an up-to-date bill of health.
* Ensure that he has the vaccinations needed.
* To purchase a ticket to the country of his new owner (within the EU).
* To provide a travel buddy for his journey to his new home.

Bebop hello

Be my friend…

In return we ask for:

* A serious commitment from Bebop’s new owner.
* An agreement that the ticket of Bebop and his travel buddy will be refunded in case of a last minute cancellation.
* That we are alerted if the situation changes, and Bebop is no longer able to stay with his new owner.
* Patience and love 🙂

Please get in touch if you are interested in adopting Bebop – or would like more information.

Thank you to Aida for the lovely photos of Bebop!