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Bruno’s Ball and Christina’s Slipper?

I’ve been away for the entire Summer – seems like forever – and return to a garden turned wilderness (with unwanted inhabitants included), a broken water pump and a very trashy Happy Beach. But the sea is beautiful as ever…

happy beach
Home sweet Home

Apparently the turtles have been scarce this year, only  3 – 4 nests compared to 20+ last Summer. Am not sure how this works but I’m pretty certain it has nothing to do with Christina Aguilera or Justin Bieber. Our local luxury VIP hotel was accused of damaging turtle nests when building a beachside stage to host a concert with the pop idols. It caused quite a fuss involving politicians and withdrawn permits, and finally the gig was cancelled. With my small knowledge of the turtles’ habits and breeding grounds the whole thing smells a bit fishy to me.

Christina’s slipper?

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Dogs and humans are thrilled to be roaming Happy Beach again and managed to have her looking good in no time. Bruno even found a tennis ball!

brunos treasure
My precious!

Happy Beach collection includes:

8 straws
28 soda cans
18 plastic bottles
1 superman cap
3 glow sticks
2 fishing floats
1 lure
1 glass jar (closed)
Assorted bits of fabric
2 flip-flops
1 boot
2 plastic forks
1 girl’s slipper
Bits of plastic bag (loads)
1 toy plastic rake (white)
Broken styrofoam lid
A leg of a plastic chair
Yogurt tub
3 clothes pegs
2 lighters
1 tin can
3 plastic cups
1 lid
2 shoe soles
1 tin of flammable material (partly used)
1 tennis ball (found by Bruno)
1 x-mas bauble with no coating
2 pens
1 plastic finger tip
1 piece of lego

14Kg lifted off Happy Beach

Oh the joy of trash…

It takes some balls…

The waves have been playfully crashing onto Happy Beach for 3 days now – in sunshine, rain and snow – BIG news on the island. These soft, rolling giants have only delivered a limited selection of new trash on the shores. Nevertheless a huge amount remains to be collected after the recent storm.Today counts 19kg of rubbish in 2 sacks in addition to a surprising number of balls in various sizes… Staring in the face of what appears to be endless supplies of waste plastic requires patience and maybe some cojones too – so thanks for these!


* 19kg of assorted plastic, styrofoam & fabrics
* 16 plastic bottles
* 45 bottle tops
* 3 shoe soles
* 1 shoe
* 5 balls – in all sizes
* 2 buckshot
* 3m of pipe – black & orange
* 1 lighter
* 1.5m of thick rope
* 1 biro

happy beach