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Broken hearts

It’s been a while since I have published anything on the Happybeach site.
The winter and spring was as pleasant as one could dream for. With plenty of beautiful sunshine, fruit on the trees, eggs from the chickens, long, peaceful walks – and even swimming, weather permitting. Happybeach lived up to her name.


Of course there were still collections to make (few items mentioned below), and I cleaned the beach when required with my fun-loving companions; Eddie and Molly.

eddie and molly watching point
Eddie is downstairs, Molly upstairs

During our walk yesterday beloved Eddie found something to munch on, usually this is totally off limits but I didn’t manage to catch her in time. Unfortunately it contained rat poison and took her life. We were far from help and there was nothing to do. Eddie was the gentlest, most life affirming little rescue dog, who was dumped in a litter bin when only a week old. A local shelter saved her life, and she joined us at Happybeach last March.

I am very grateful for the time I had with her and am dedicating a page on this site to the memory of Eddie. She was the Queen of Happybeach. She knew every inch by smell, conversed with the gulls, swam in the waves and let every visitor know that she was around. RIP little soul.

checking out the beach
Queen of Happybeach

The collection included:
* Countless bits of plastic
* A pair of lady’s knickers
* Pipe
* 10 shoes
* Ghost net
* 25 raw plugs
* Bottle tops
* Lego
* 9 Smartie lids
* 1/2 cassette tape
* 1 teddy
* clothes
* 1 flipper
* 2 toy soldiers
* Straws
* Frappé cups
* 5 fishing lures
* 1 white plastic table
* 2 10 liter canisters
* Sunhat
* 1 red pepper
* Shampoo bottles

Kilos lifted off Happybeach this winter and spring: 20,5

war monsters
Enter a caption

the outraged sea…

Happy Beach has been roaring the last couple of days – not letting me close to her at all. This could be due to the build up of an upcoming Coptic Storm, effects of the new moon or a general rage against the stories of dire human suffering connected to the Mediterranean.

The trafficking of people seeking a better life across her depths is not a new phenomenon at all but I do hope that the current media spotlight will force people with actual power to remove their blinkers and look for sustainable solutions to problems that we have contributed to.

Enough wallowing.


The collection of today included:

* 1 oil drum
* 1 top of plastic canister
* aluminium cans
* 1 plastic hand
* half a football
* 9 plastic bottles

small hand

* 1 lighter
* hand-fulls of Styrofoam
* assorted plastic
* 2 women’s flip-flops
* 1 shoe sole
* 1 pink plastic rake (end bit)
* 1 medicine bottle

* 6kg bag of trash lifted out of the collection point.


Dinner on the beach…

Despite the plastic inferno this beach is still one of the most magical places on earth! Each morning her waves greet you by joyously playing on the shores. The vulcanic rocks are so cool and mysterious against the sandy/ pebbly seaside. And at the end of the cove rocks soar upwards making for fabulous climbing ground. Today we spent the afternoon in the embrace of beautiful sunshine roaming these welcoming shores…
And we found…

Dinner service

* 36 plastic bottles
* 96 bottle tops
* 1 deodorant (empty)
* 1 comb
* 2 toothbrushes
* 1 brush
* 2 glass medicine bottles
* 2 syringes
* Assorted plastic bits
* 8 lighters
* 4 buckshot
* 1 broken heart
* 1 plastic flower
* 4 fishing floats
* 1 flip-flop
* 1 hello kitty sandal
* 1 man’s beach shoe
* 1 green heel
* 4 plastic cups
* 2 plastic forks
* 3 plastic spoons
* 2 knife handles
* 1 wooden mouse!
* 2 aluminium cans
* 2 light bulbs
* Assorted pieces of net & rope

light bulbs

pharmaceuticals & 1 broken heart..

Darker reflections were brought on by the collection today. Among the usual sea of plastic debris a disturbing amount of medical items were to be found. Dark medical bottles, tubes of prescription creams and syringes keep getting churned up on to the seaside. Where do they come from? Who is taking bottle upon bottle? Questions evoking thoughts of addiction, self-medication and using drugs as a panacea of all sufferings. Somehow unsurprisingly a broken heart presented itself underlining the sad gatherings.


* 17 medicine bottles
* 3 syringes
* 3 tubes of prescription cream
* 62 bottle tops
* 1 broken heart

broken heart

* 5 Bic lighters
* 2 disposable shavers (1 headless)
* 3 empty suppositories
* 3 plastic water bottles
* 2 thin black plastic pipes
* 2 biros
* 2 pen lids (no connection to above)
* 1 chess piece (red queen)

red queen

* 1 white bendy pipe
* 5 distilled water capsules for contacts
* 4 individual sandals
* Assorted plastic bits
* 5 bits of rope (max 20cm)
* 1 inhaler
* 1 pair of sunglasses