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returning to a new world…

After a long stretch under Scandinavian skies, it’s wonderful to return to Happybeach again. Though the world seems very different than when I left her.

I don’t claim to have more insight into world politics than the next person, but the current rumblings from a certain orange-tinted president should make us all alert – on many levels.
Of course American legislation doesn’t have a direct impact on my native Baltic waters, nor my adopted Mediterranean ones, but rhetoric is contagious. People all over the world look to the president – and see/ hear him (a position he utterly thrives on), and in doing so they realise that it’s okay to produce these so-called ‘alternative facts’. And if everyone can make up their own facts about the seriousness of human impact on the environment, if they can design truths to suit their own purses or purposes – years of hard work to raise awareness, and struggles to reach agreements, can be quickly be undone. Like so many others, I’m concerned. So, I will keep blurbing on about my findings.


The collection of the day includes:
10 drinking straws (various colours)
1 styrofoam box (for storing fish)
1 pack of cigarettes (soggy, some smoked)
1/2 a used buckshot

3 pop cans
18 plastic bottles
7 separate bottle lids
1 tube of polyfilla (empty)
5 shoes
1 boot
2 glass medical bottles
Assorted bits of plastic
1 chicken feed bag (empty – for eating chickens)
2 green plastic lids
1 plastic bag
Bits of rope (various shades of green)
Pieces of black irrigation pipe (longest 2m)
1 plastic shovel (green)
3 lighters




creatures of the storm

Tempestuous storms have dictated the mood of Happy Beach for most of 2016. Possibly just reflecting the turbulences taking place in the rest of the world. We see a few days of calm followed by breath-taking roaring waves, high winds, rain and unusual cold.

fishing stuff

Naturally the beach is strewn with all shapes and sizes of litter. The largest was the top of a wooden cable spool (1m diameter), and a heavy rope/ fishing net tangle.
The smallest were sadly thousands and thousands of nurdles, shaping the contours of the waves along the beach after the sea settled. These little demons are toxic, dangerous and impossible to collect.


On a lighter note the storms have brought new creatures to the beach. As of yet they are friendly but you never know…

lady of the sea

aqua gent

The storm collection:

* 12 screw tops
* lighter
* 1 small toothpaste tube
* 103 bottle tops
* 16 plastic bottles
* Rope & string (all colours)
* 2 aluminium cans + bits
* assorted plastic bits
* styrofoam pieces
* corner of a garden table
* 3 heels
* 1 comb
* 2 syringes
* 2 detergent bottles
* 2 sponges
* Lure (yellow fish)
* 1 toy shoe
* 20 plastic bags
* 2 plastic cups
* 6 fishing floats
* fishing line
* 6 pegs
* 3 ghost fishing nets
* 2 yogurt pots
* 1 toy soldier
* 18 straws
* 1 baby shoe
* 1 beach shoe
* small spoon (plastic)
* 10 sheet of thick plastic (used locally for greenhouses)

* 10,2kg plastic lifted off the beach

bad hair day

Buckshot season is here…

Winter has gently arrived in Cyprus. Yet with average sea temperatures of 21 degrees swimming is still possible, and there’s nothing quite like starting the day with a refreshing splash!

Winter also means the start of hunting season – which is a big deal on the island. Around 45.000 permits are issued allowing locals to traipse across woodlands and fields shooting at birds, rabbits and other small creatures on Wednesdays and Sundays. Their leftovers can be found on paths, roads and even the beach. My collections count a far higher number of empty buckshot shells over the winter months..


Collection includes:
* 1 white queen (chess)
* 1 paint bucket
* 10 l. orange canister
* 10 cigarette ends
* 2 juice cartons
* 2 lighters
* 2 buckshot shells
* assorted plastic


* A square piece of cardboard wrapped in plastic
* 1 toy soldier
* 1 paint roller
* 1 child’s shoe
* 8 plastic bottles
* 3 aluminium cans
* Silver foil
* Fishing line
* 1 So Easy phone card
* Styrofoam
* 7 bottle tops
* 3 plastic plates
* 2 plastic bags

evening sky

50 shades of blue…

After a couple of months of living as a beachcomber I’ve started to experience a strange phenomenon. The most ambivalent feelings towards the colour blue! My day usually begins by opening the drapes and being greeted by an affluent pallet depending on the weather. It ranges from warm, welcoming turquoise, to cloudy denim blues, or lazy azure with a horizon fading into mysterious darkest blue. Always accompanied by her sister: the ever changing sky and the blues, greys, oranges, golds and violets advertise the day to come. All this is pure balm for the soul.

true blue

Only the ongoing struggle with plastic arrivals on Happy Beach transforms these emotions into frustration. Plastic comes in a range of colours – making them easy to spot on the sand and shores – but there is one colour that seems to prevail over all others: blue, blue, blue. Bottle tops, wrappers, rope, fishing net, lighters, buckshot, bags, containers and so much more is produced in this colour and seems to be everywhere. Our collection today focused on blue. I’m sad to say that it didn’t take long and there was much more than I could carry.

blue blue

Collection on Friday the 13th:
* 1 toothbrush
* 3 lighter
* 3 buckshot
* 1 Lego
* plastic plant container
* 2 straps
* bits of rope
* small plastic bits
* 55 bottle tops
* 2 plastic bottles
* 1 inhaler
* 2 shoes
* 1 toy shovel
* 9 clothes peg
* 1 straw
* 1 styrofoam cup (broken)
* 1 piece of pipe
* 1 rough side of a sponge
* 1 squeegee
* half a cooling element

eddie on the beach

You never know what you might find..

Calm has settled on Happy Beach with the arrival of the full moon. Beautiful sun and lazy waves kiss her shores. New arrivals of debris also are manageable, yet always seem to include a fair amount of plastic bottles. As the winds have died down I was able to address the nurdle problem further along the seaside. Filtering the organic matter from these tiny beads of plastic requires huge amounts of patience and a good sieve (on my wish list!)… Then this arrived…

palet and molly

* 1 EUR Pallet
* 8 plastic bottles
* 1 bag of plastic, styrofoam & aluminium – bag found on the beach
* 2 mini cars
* Yoghurt tub full of nurdles and tiny bits of plastic
* 2 buckshot

full moon

And we have a winner!

Yesterday started out gloomy on Happy Beach. The recent discovery of an approx. 50m stretch, where nurdles and small plastic bits collect, evoked the “what-am-I-doing-this-for” and “the-world-is-going-to-hell” feelings in me. Additionally it was too windy to attack the little cretins anyway. So I decided to be constructive and fill another sack of “regular” waste to keep the spirits up – and had no premonition of things to come.


Collection of the day:
* 7.4kg of plastic, styrofoam, aluminium
* 1 kite (broken, Barbie motif)
* 6 plastic bottles
* 3 knives


* 1 bunch of grapes (plastic)
* 1 shoe
* 2 buckshot
* 2 clothes pegs
* 2 pens

Little did I know that Happy Beach had been announced the first winner of the 2minutebeachclean photo competition! On opening my Instagram account in the evening I was overwhelmed with cheers, praise and a touching announcement that the “before & after storm” photo of Happy Beach had won. What great encouragement to find so many generous people all over the world caring for our environment – and I get a pair of new, fancy flip-flops!


think about the future..

Happy Beach was at its most beautiful today in glorious sunshine urging us to clean up as much as possible. Plastic bits in all sizes still wash up on the shores and get buried under the vegetation or wedged between rocks. Among the 5.4kgs collected today were items belonging to babies and toddlers which inspired me to send a little prayer to their parents: Let your children enjoy the diverse wonders of this beautiful world – just like you do. Teach them to respect her seas, woods, mountains and bountiful nature. Peace.

the children

* 4 plastic bottles
* 5.4kg of plastic, nets & styrofoam
* 1 wing (plastic)
* 3 small shoes
* 2 dummies
* 1 car tire (inner tube)
* 6 buckshot
* 4 fishing floats
* 2 smarties lids
* 1 light bulb
* 3m of pipe
* 3m iron wire
* 3 clothes pegs
* 1 syringe