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A tale of mystery and some science

Happy Beach is blissful. Warm sunny days, calm, crystal clear sea – which is heating up but still below 20 degrees, so only few swimmers venture in. Of course things still get washed up, and left behind, but overall the beach is pretty peaceful.

Apart from an experience a couple of weeks ago. A car had driven onto the beach and was parked right by a long plateau of volcanic rock facing the sea. The driver was very laid back, and nodded as I passed him. As I reached further down the beach I turned to see he had been joined by another car, and the two men were exploring something on the plateau. As I returned they drove off and I saw what had been occupying them: Four long, wooden boxes wrapped in some thick rope. They were painted green and had some army-like looking markings. I tried peek inside one that was upside down and ajar, but it wasn’t possible to see the content. For some reason it felt wrong to try and open them. A car with four men approached, and as I had my dogs, I hurried off. The men removed the boxes but obviously opened one, as later I found the lid discarded on the beach.

From Happy Beach mysteries to global awareness: Today is Earth Day, and great events are taking place all over. To join in the movement we did a Happy Beach clean, and I decided to carry a sign on my back everywhere I go during the day. My remote living doesn’t offer many options of participating in protest marches, so I’ll just have to make up my own.

March for Science

In Washington D.C. the core of a significant global rally is taking place: the March of Science. Sadly political trends worldwide seem to be subscribing to the dumbing down of people through applying pop politics and comfy, soundbite “information” and fobbing them off as truths. Experts and voices of experience are being pushed aside by those who merely can shout louder. Fortunately there are many who believe knowledge is the only real way forward – for the planet, the oceans and for the human race. For this reason I join the march for science too.

love nina

Collection on Happy Beach on Earth Day:

  • 6 clothes pegs
  • 1 foam heart
  • 1 deodorant spray – Joker – for men
  • 1 sanitary pad (used)
  • 1 toilet black and white brush
  • 2 toothbrushes
  • Rope, various lengths
  • 1 plastic Rombouts Coffee lid
  • 3 lighters
  • 4 straws
  • Styrofoam packing
  • Filler foam
  • 1 jumbo fish net float
  • 3 small fishing floats
  • 1 fishing lure
  • 1 news paper dated: 16 April 2016 (1 year ago)

news paper

  • 6 plastic bottles
  • 2 drink cans
  • Big plastic lid, green
  • 1 apple (rotten)
  • 1 cauliflower (rotten)
  • 1 onion (rotten)
  • Assorted plastic
  • 9 bottle tops
  • 1 glass ampule (full)
  • Rusty metal hinge
  • Wood
  • A small piece of my roof, blown off in storm
  • One army box lid

Total kilos lifted off Happy Beach: 3,7kg

toilet stuff


Dinner on the beach…

Despite the plastic inferno this beach is still one of the most magical places on earth! Each morning her waves greet you by joyously playing on the shores. The vulcanic rocks are so cool and mysterious against the sandy/ pebbly seaside. And at the end of the cove rocks soar upwards making for fabulous climbing ground. Today we spent the afternoon in the embrace of beautiful sunshine roaming these welcoming shores…
And we found…

Dinner service

* 36 plastic bottles
* 96 bottle tops
* 1 deodorant (empty)
* 1 comb
* 2 toothbrushes
* 1 brush
* 2 glass medicine bottles
* 2 syringes
* Assorted plastic bits
* 8 lighters
* 4 buckshot
* 1 broken heart
* 1 plastic flower
* 4 fishing floats
* 1 flip-flop
* 1 hello kitty sandal
* 1 man’s beach shoe
* 1 green heel
* 4 plastic cups
* 2 plastic forks
* 3 plastic spoons
* 2 knife handles
* 1 wooden mouse!
* 2 aluminium cans
* 2 light bulbs
* Assorted pieces of net & rope

light bulbs

beach siting of UFOS (Unidentified Floating Objects)

The waves today are so round, soft and playful – so inviting. Of course this brings in less welcome sitings too; such a fishing net caught in the rocks and a large sheet of Styrofoam. Quite a few office articles appeared among the debris as well as a wide selection of beauty products. Most exciting has to be 2 UFOs that landed on the shore. The invasion may start any day now…


5 shoes
13 plastic bottles
5 glass medicine bottles
1 plastic medicine bottle
2 ufos (unidentified floating objects)
1 fishing net

Beauty products

1 bottle of shampoo
2 deodorants
1 mini flask of oil
Tube of toothpaste
Plastic coffee cup
1 yellow lid for plastic casserole
4 fishing floats
1 blue pencil
3 pen tops
2 tubes of glue
Assorted plastic
Big piece of Styrofoam
2 glass booze bottles
11 lighters
1 hypodermic needle
1 syringe
1 plastic orange rake (claimed)
1/2 kinder egg wrapper (no surprise!)
2 tubes of medicinal cream
1 disposable razor
3 floats for fishing
1 fish tail (plastic)

fishing gear