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the travel plans of plastic & a surprise..

The Happy Beach household has had many discussions about how waste travels in the sea. It seems specific debris items arrive in clusters – a wave of medical bottles turn up for a while, then there seems to be nothing but endless bits of light plastic on the shore, followed by a period of heavier things such as shoes. This cut up water bottle was found in very separate parts of the beach indicating that the journeys were slightly different.

and its mate

Maybe there are patterns connected with the weight of the item in question, currents, the season and wave velocity. Some brilliant people have been looking into the travel plans of plastic through the sea. The Moby Duck project is a study of 28.800 bathtub ducks that were lost at sea and subsequently followed by environmentalists to see the movement of plastics. The Adrift project is a great initiative, where you can track how plastic travels in your area.


The collection of the week includes:
* 1 big plastic bottle, cut in two
* 1 packet of cigarettes (opened)
* 1 panty liner
* 1 biro lid
* As always: Lots of assorted pieces of plastic
* Paper
* Broken tub
* Plastic bags
* 10 straws
* 1 knife handle
* Small pieces of rope
* 4 plastic bottles
* 1 cap screen
* 4 shoes
* 2 soles
* 1 heel
* 3 hypodermic needles
* 1 plastic wing
* 4 plastic coffee cups
* 232 bottle tops
* A toothbrush
* 1 piece of painted, blue wood
* The top half of plastic canister
* A ghost net trapped in the rocks

And a piece of good news: A contribution was made to the Happy Beach collection point on my birthday. A visitor found a sturdy length of rope and delivered it. Thank you!



baby feet and toy soldiers

Big Happy Beach waves are still crashing on the shore but the sun is back making beach combing business a bit easier. To bring a little cheer the sea tossed up the oddest baby sandal I’ve every seen.

snail shoe

The collection of the day:
* 2 Smartie lids
* 3 plastic bottles
* 1 hypodermic needle
* Green & white rope
* 1 disposable shaver
* 4 plastic coffee cups
* 1 knife handle
* 1 toy soldier
* 1 orange teddy bear
* 1 plastic bag

war and ted

* 2 glass medicine bottles
* 3 plastic medicine bottles
* 2 cleaning product bottles
* 1 pink plastic bottle
* assorted plastic
* styrofoam
* 1 baby sandal
* 1 white adult sandal
* 1 light bulb
* 1 small car mat (Renault)
* 4 clothes pegs
* 1 small plastic airplane
* 1 Starbucks shot container


White trash…

Spring is bringing new faces to happy beach. People have ventured outside to care for gardens, prune orchards, repair homes and the houses to let. And there are leisurely visitors too. Joggers, divers, kayak enthusiasts, fishermen and tourists are among those enjoying her shores. This influx of life seems to make the washed up debris an even more sorry sight. Today most of the collection is white – and there is plenty of it.

White trash

* 2 shoes
* 2 bottles of head & shoulders (1 Turkish, 1 Russian)
* 1 Bingo lighter
* 25 bottle tops
* 1 toothbrush
* 3 lids
* 2 toilet freshener holders
* 3 1/2 plastic bottles
* 5 straws
* 2 syringes
* 2 handels
* 1 roll of tape
* 1 knife handel
* 1 bendy pipe
* 1 water spray top
* Assorted plastic bits
* Loads of Styrofoam
* 1 Kazoo – pink!


And we have a winner!

Yesterday started out gloomy on Happy Beach. The recent discovery of an approx. 50m stretch, where nurdles and small plastic bits collect, evoked the “what-am-I-doing-this-for” and “the-world-is-going-to-hell” feelings in me. Additionally it was too windy to attack the little cretins anyway. So I decided to be constructive and fill another sack of “regular” waste to keep the spirits up – and had no premonition of things to come.


Collection of the day:
* 7.4kg of plastic, styrofoam, aluminium
* 1 kite (broken, Barbie motif)
* 6 plastic bottles
* 3 knives


* 1 bunch of grapes (plastic)
* 1 shoe
* 2 buckshot
* 2 clothes pegs
* 2 pens

Little did I know that Happy Beach had been announced the first winner of the 2minutebeachclean photo competition! On opening my Instagram account in the evening I was overwhelmed with cheers, praise and a touching announcement that the “before & after storm” photo of Happy Beach had won. What great encouragement to find so many generous people all over the world caring for our environment – and I get a pair of new, fancy flip-flops!