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The fishermen’s plastic dinner

The news this summer has been filled with disturbing reports stemming from this region, only a couple of days ago 140 refugees stranded at the Akrotiri airbase, so of course looking out at the Mediterranean every morning evokes conflicted thoughts – also about the collected debris, some of which have Syrian labels.

Summer is slipping into Autumn on Happy Beach, the rains have arrived, and fishermen are reappearing on the rocks. Plastic washing up on the shore is still manageable, but it saddens me to consistently discover waste from the fishermen scatted carelessly about the area.
Obviously they have no clue that their remains go back in the sea, become eaten by the fish, and ultimately end up on their own dinner plates.

Bon appetit!
fishermens trash

Collection of the day includes:
6 cigaret butts
1 juice carton
Assorted plastic
3 pieces of rope
1 small ghost net
1 canister + plastic fishing line
2 can
8 bottle tops
2 paper bags
1 pillow


7 bits of plastic bags
10 plastic bottles
2 glass bottles
2 bits of broken glass
1 broken comb
1 plastic blob
1 plastic tub
1 plastic Frappe cup
1 flip flop


2 plastic bags
4 shoes (size child to male adult)
1 razor head
1 sun hat (child size)
1 green straw
2 milk bottles (plastic)
2 clothes pegs
1 baby bottle toy



turtle beach life…

Am back on Happy Beach for a short spell, and summer has truly set in! Hot nights and hotter days, thankfully there is a constant breeze from the sea and plenty of rock pools to cool you down. The sea is so stormy that swims aren’t an option but the beach is relatively clean. Though there is always something to do. Yesterday a wonderful surprise appeared on our remote shore:

turtle tracks

Sea turtles have made their way to the edge of the beach to nests their eggs. We found three in total. One had sadly been dug out by a fox or dog. We marked the other two with sticks, and are looking into ways of protecting them. August Full Moon should see the hatching of baby turtles. Such joy!


Collection of the day included:
* 5 straws
* 1 broken plastic sack
* 1 syringe
* 1 vodka bottle
* 7 plastic bottles
* 1 salt tub lid
* 2 aluminium cans
* 16 bottle tops
* a broken broom
* a pen lid
* 3 yoghurt pots
* sheets of plastic
* 1 juice cup (with lid and straw)
* 3 clothes pegs
* assorted plastic
* assorted styrofoam
* 2 broken balloons
* string
* 1 fishing float
* 1 cigaret end


doubles and despairs

The summer has set in on Happy Beach and the sea is beautiful and offers a refreshing dip during the sweltering days. The calm waves do unfortunately still bring in lost items, though is smaller quantities than before.I’ve noticed is that often items turn up on the shore in pairs – sometime in eerie ways.

silk cuts

Not that the things arrive right next to each other – but they do pop up on the same beach clean. Odd things like 2 Nutella lids, oil drums and diving masques. Apparently on Happy Beach things happen in pairs.


An arrival yesterday morning was more than a normal beach clean could handle – and one that doesn’t need repeating! A dead sea turtle washed up on Happy Beach in the afternoon. She was old and didn’t appear to have any damages caused by humans or trash but what to do with the remains? We are talking about a 40kg sea creature. This area is remote and has no coast guards or sea port authorities. No one takes care of the beaches.


A kind neighbour offered to help remove her but even a burial seemed unmanageable – bury her on whose ground? Finally Oliver and I went for a burial at sea. With great effort, not eased by the lunchtime heat and Eddie and Molly’s extreme curiosity, we managed to carry the turtle to the end of the beach and put her back in the sea that hopefully will take her where she belongs.

Collection of the week:
* 1 rubber glove
* 2 hypodermic needles
* 1 plastic flower
* 2 silk cut packets
* 1 broken fishing rod
* 6 beer bottle tops
* 5 cigaret butts
* 8 plastic cups
* 2.7kg of stinking plastic bags 😦
* 11 plastic bottles
* 2 pens
* 2 biro lids
* 1 pair of flip flops


* Assorted plastic
* 3 clothes pegs
* 1 smartie lid
* 2 Lacta Lov’ it chocolate wrappers
* 2 Nutella lids
* 1 canister for Rust Remover (empty)
* 2 Styrofoam box lids
* 10m of strange plastic tape (at least)
* 1 pair of jogging pants (junior size)

lid 2foam lid

baby feet and toy soldiers

Big Happy Beach waves are still crashing on the shore but the sun is back making beach combing business a bit easier. To bring a little cheer the sea tossed up the oddest baby sandal I’ve every seen.

snail shoe

The collection of the day:
* 2 Smartie lids
* 3 plastic bottles
* 1 hypodermic needle
* Green & white rope
* 1 disposable shaver
* 4 plastic coffee cups
* 1 knife handle
* 1 toy soldier
* 1 orange teddy bear
* 1 plastic bag

war and ted

* 2 glass medicine bottles
* 3 plastic medicine bottles
* 2 cleaning product bottles
* 1 pink plastic bottle
* assorted plastic
* styrofoam
* 1 baby sandal
* 1 white adult sandal
* 1 light bulb
* 1 small car mat (Renault)
* 4 clothes pegs
* 1 small plastic airplane
* 1 Starbucks shot container


Mellow yellow…

Spring has truly arrived in Cyprus and around here the colour of the season is YELLOW! Yes, the rolling hills are covered in deep, rich greens. Yes, the sea and sky seem to stretch for eternity in beautiful blues. But the fields, gardens and roadsides are exploding in glorious, happy yellow. Mimosa trees, mustard blooms, lemon trees and wild flowers present a feast for the eyes. Only walking on the beach after the storm is another story…


Collection of the day sadly includes a lot of yellow items.
* 1 broken tub (yellow)
* 3 yellow clothes pegs
* 1 ghost net
* 2 handles
* 1 can (fanta)
* 2 letter “S”
* 4 plastic bottles
* 1 noodles wrapper
* Assorted plastic (yellow)
* 20 bottle tops
* A heap of Styrofoam
* 1 bedspring
* 2 shoes

yellow litter

So like most things in life there are good and bad sides – and this wonderful yellow spring is no exception. Make the best of it!

Nina on the beach

And we have a winner!

Yesterday started out gloomy on Happy Beach. The recent discovery of an approx. 50m stretch, where nurdles and small plastic bits collect, evoked the “what-am-I-doing-this-for” and “the-world-is-going-to-hell” feelings in me. Additionally it was too windy to attack the little cretins anyway. So I decided to be constructive and fill another sack of “regular” waste to keep the spirits up – and had no premonition of things to come.


Collection of the day:
* 7.4kg of plastic, styrofoam, aluminium
* 1 kite (broken, Barbie motif)
* 6 plastic bottles
* 3 knives


* 1 bunch of grapes (plastic)
* 1 shoe
* 2 buckshot
* 2 clothes pegs
* 2 pens

Little did I know that Happy Beach had been announced the first winner of the 2minutebeachclean photo competition! On opening my Instagram account in the evening I was overwhelmed with cheers, praise and a touching announcement that the “before & after storm” photo of Happy Beach had won. What great encouragement to find so many generous people all over the world caring for our environment – and I get a pair of new, fancy flip-flops!


think about the future..

Happy Beach was at its most beautiful today in glorious sunshine urging us to clean up as much as possible. Plastic bits in all sizes still wash up on the shores and get buried under the vegetation or wedged between rocks. Among the 5.4kgs collected today were items belonging to babies and toddlers which inspired me to send a little prayer to their parents: Let your children enjoy the diverse wonders of this beautiful world – just like you do. Teach them to respect her seas, woods, mountains and bountiful nature. Peace.

the children

* 4 plastic bottles
* 5.4kg of plastic, nets & styrofoam
* 1 wing (plastic)
* 3 small shoes
* 2 dummies
* 1 car tire (inner tube)
* 6 buckshot
* 4 fishing floats
* 2 smarties lids
* 1 light bulb
* 3m of pipe
* 3m iron wire
* 3 clothes pegs
* 1 syringe