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Bruno’s Ball and Christina’s Slipper?

I’ve been away for the entire Summer – seems like forever – and return to a garden turned wilderness (with unwanted inhabitants included), a broken water pump and a very trashy Happy Beach. But the sea is beautiful as ever…

happy beach
Home sweet Home

Apparently the turtles have been scarce this year, only  3 – 4 nests compared to 20+ last Summer. Am not sure how this works but I’m pretty certain it has nothing to do with Christina Aguilera or Justin Bieber. Our local luxury VIP hotel was accused of damaging turtle nests when building a beachside stage to host a concert with the pop idols. It caused quite a fuss involving politicians and withdrawn permits, and finally the gig was cancelled. With my small knowledge of the turtles’ habits and breeding grounds the whole thing smells a bit fishy to me.

Christina’s slipper?

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Dogs and humans are thrilled to be roaming Happy Beach again and managed to have her looking good in no time. Bruno even found a tennis ball!

brunos treasure
My precious!

Happy Beach collection includes:

8 straws
28 soda cans
18 plastic bottles
1 superman cap
3 glow sticks
2 fishing floats
1 lure
1 glass jar (closed)
Assorted bits of fabric
2 flip-flops
1 boot
2 plastic forks
1 girl’s slipper
Bits of plastic bag (loads)
1 toy plastic rake (white)
Broken styrofoam lid
A leg of a plastic chair
Yogurt tub
3 clothes pegs
2 lighters
1 tin can
3 plastic cups
1 lid
2 shoe soles
1 tin of flammable material (partly used)
1 tennis ball (found by Bruno)
1 x-mas bauble with no coating
2 pens
1 plastic finger tip
1 piece of lego

14Kg lifted off Happy Beach

Oh the joy of trash…

Animals as trash

This post is about a different type of “dumping” that occurs with regular intervals on Happy Beach.

One week in May two young dogs found themselves roaming her shores within days of each other. They had been abandoned.

The first was a beautiful Jack Russell mix discovered by my calm, big hearted rescue dog Bruno. She was hiding near an empty rental house and turned out to be a playful and trusting little girl. Though obviously hungry and neglected.

We took her to the vet and named her Lula. We are fostering her until she finds a forever home that needs a fun and loving canine friend. Please see her page for details on adoption.

little Lula

Three days after Lula entered our lives we happened upon by a gorgeous floppy, playful pup during a walk. He confidently joined the flock and refused to leave – despite many attempts to keep him out of the garden. Eventually his persistence and desperate longing for safety paid off. We called him Big Louis, gave him food, and started searching for a shelter that could take him in – as the house was quickly turning into a menagerie.

Animal farm
Animal Farm

The shelters on the island are privately run by people who dedicate their whole lives to these animals. The influx of unwanted dogs dumped on roadsides, in fields and on beaches is so immense that it’s utterly daunting for any thin-skinned individual. I cannot underline the gravity of this issue enough.

In rural areas dogs are often treated as utility animals, and get discarded as carelessly as an empty water bottle by farmers and hunters. In rare, cruel occasions the dogs are thrown out the window without the owner even bothering to stop the car. This can be because the dog is pregnant, sick, not a good hunter, has given birth or just because the owner doesn’t want to feed it.

Big Louis

The dogs roam around confused, scared and hungry in search of shelter and food. During the course of the winter I have spotted at least five strays on Happy Beach without being able to get near them, as they were clearly terrified of human contact. 

The way these creatures are treated like… trash… is horrific to witness. The lack of knowledge about dogs, the refusal to spay and neuter, and the general indifference is creating a desperate situation.

Thanks to the relentless and passionate work of the good people at the Stray Haven shelter currently 110 dogs are safe from harms way. The conditions are humble and rely on the kindness of donations and volunteer work. But this does give the dogs a chance of finding a new home – often in Holland, Germany or the UK.

good boy.jpg
Good boy

Though she had no room at the shelter the founder accepted Big Louis. With all my heart I wish a good home for him.

Without the help of two endlessly patient and generous friends I wouldn’t have been able to organise some protection for Lula and Louis. Saving these two pups is probably a tiny drop in a dark ocean of neglect – but we managed to change the world for them.

If you can help. Please do. It will change a life.

3 stooges
Lula and her pals

Broken hearts

It’s been a while since I have published anything on the Happybeach site.
The winter and spring was as pleasant as one could dream for. With plenty of beautiful sunshine, fruit on the trees, eggs from the chickens, long, peaceful walks – and even swimming, weather permitting. Happybeach lived up to her name.


Of course there were still collections to make (few items mentioned below), and I cleaned the beach when required with my fun-loving companions; Eddie and Molly.

eddie and molly watching point
Eddie is downstairs, Molly upstairs

During our walk yesterday beloved Eddie found something to munch on, usually this is totally off limits but I didn’t manage to catch her in time. Unfortunately it contained rat poison and took her life. We were far from help and there was nothing to do. Eddie was the gentlest, most life affirming little rescue dog, who was dumped in a litter bin when only a week old. A local shelter saved her life, and she joined us at Happybeach last March.

I am very grateful for the time I had with her and am dedicating a page on this site to the memory of Eddie. She was the Queen of Happybeach. She knew every inch by smell, conversed with the gulls, swam in the waves and let every visitor know that she was around. RIP little soul.

checking out the beach
Queen of Happybeach

The collection included:
* Countless bits of plastic
* A pair of lady’s knickers
* Pipe
* 10 shoes
* Ghost net
* 25 raw plugs
* Bottle tops
* Lego
* 9 Smartie lids
* 1/2 cassette tape
* 1 teddy
* clothes
* 1 flipper
* 2 toy soldiers
* Straws
* Frappé cups
* 5 fishing lures
* 1 white plastic table
* 2 10 liter canisters
* Sunhat
* 1 red pepper
* Shampoo bottles

Kilos lifted off Happybeach this winter and spring: 20,5

war monsters
Enter a caption


It’s been an eventful weekend. With plenty of new-comers to Happy Beach. Saturday we drove to the Paphiakos Animal Shelter in Paphos. It was an intense and heartbreaking experience. The shelter houses more than 1000 cats, dogs, donkeys, goats and other abandoned or abused animals. It’s run by the founder’s wife, the tenacious Katrien, who struggles with lack of funds but is supported by an awe-inspiring team of employees and volunteers. It’s impossible to leave this place unaffected. A little Terrier pup decided it wanted to come home with us – and we will gladly foster and look for a good home for her.
Please meet beach cleaning dog no. 2 – Eddie:

molly and eddie

Our Sunday visitor was of the two-legged kind (I presume). The two dogs got me early out of bed and we went to inspect the beach. Somebody had already frequented the Happy Beach collection point – maybe one of the local fishermen hoping to find something he had lost. The 3 orange seats had been thrown aside and a green stone and 1kg yoghurt pot had been claimed! I use the pot to store more dangerous items like hypodermic needles and knives, and they had just been dumped in the toy trough. I’m very pleased that someone found use for this item – if only the claiming had been more respectful.


Undeterred we tidied up the chairs and continued our exploration of the beach. The collection of the day included:
* 1 rucksack
* 3 plastic bottles
* 1 plastic tub
* Paper bag (from the baker)
* Styrofoam
* 7.4kg of assorted plastic, metal, aluminium.
* 1 piece of green fabric
* 1 tape ring (no tape)

rucksack  tape