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Then there’s the heavy stuff…

Just as I was singing the praise of glorious spring; a full size storm hit the island turning the sea inside out for about three days. Winds bring in plenty of dust and sand – possibly the late April Coptic Storm – and wild, wild surf.

sea storm

When describing the army boxes discovered a few weeks ago – I managed to touch upon the strange sensation that arises when something large, potentially dangerous, is being hauled out of the sea. I’ve found oil drums, EUR pallets, garden furniture and a tractor tire that all made me marvel and fume at the sea’s ability to contain, and man’s ability to be an utterly useless consumer-monster.

But this storm brought in the biggest, most mind boggling object to date: A full size freezer! Plonked right in the middle of Happy Beach by the strong fists of the sea.

These storms never last for long, and there is nothing else to do but pull out the bags and start the collection all over. This time I’ll need a little help with the big stuff…

building block

Collection includes:

2 vegetable crates
2 light strips
1 flipper
1 shoe
2 lighters
23 fragments of plastic bags
17 plastic bottles
bottle tops
plastic fragments
Piles of styrofoam
Bubble warp
a balloon
2 packets of crackers (Turkish, unopened)


10 straws
5 soda cans
1/2 EUR palet

EUR palet blue

1 building block
3 smartie lids
1 green toy tractor (broken)
1 syringe
1 green spade
2 tubes of skin lotion
2 medical bottles, glass
1 industrial size freezer



creatures of the storm

Tempestuous storms have dictated the mood of Happy Beach for most of 2016. Possibly just reflecting the turbulences taking place in the rest of the world. We see a few days of calm followed by breath-taking roaring waves, high winds, rain and unusual cold.

fishing stuff

Naturally the beach is strewn with all shapes and sizes of litter. The largest was the top of a wooden cable spool (1m diameter), and a heavy rope/ fishing net tangle.
The smallest were sadly thousands and thousands of nurdles, shaping the contours of the waves along the beach after the sea settled. These little demons are toxic, dangerous and impossible to collect.


On a lighter note the storms have brought new creatures to the beach. As of yet they are friendly but you never know…

lady of the sea

aqua gent

The storm collection:

* 12 screw tops
* lighter
* 1 small toothpaste tube
* 103 bottle tops
* 16 plastic bottles
* Rope & string (all colours)
* 2 aluminium cans + bits
* assorted plastic bits
* styrofoam pieces
* corner of a garden table
* 3 heels
* 1 comb
* 2 syringes
* 2 detergent bottles
* 2 sponges
* Lure (yellow fish)
* 1 toy shoe
* 20 plastic bags
* 2 plastic cups
* 6 fishing floats
* fishing line
* 6 pegs
* 3 ghost fishing nets
* 2 yogurt pots
* 1 toy soldier
* 18 straws
* 1 baby shoe
* 1 beach shoe
* small spoon (plastic)
* 10 sheet of thick plastic (used locally for greenhouses)

* 10,2kg plastic lifted off the beach

bad hair day


We’ve just returned after a 10 day trip abroad to find Happy Beach in very bad shape. The last couple of days storms and heavy winds have been inciting fierce waves to toss up alarming amounts of plastic and waste onto her shores.

stormy sea

This soft, gentle beach has been converted into an angry graveyard for debris, plastic, pipes, bottle tops and more plastic. Junk climbing all the way up the grassy slopes even reaching the collection point.

trashy beach

Today was merely reconnaissance with a heavy heart…. and tomorrow: the work begins – again. What a homecoming!

happy beach dog

these shoes were made for walking…

There was a 15 minute storm last night stirring up the sea. Come morning the beach had returned to her usual happy spirits but still didn’t manage to suppress countless abandoned items waiting to be claimed. A green plastic tennis racket jumped into view – setting a sophisticated tone to the day. An overwhelming amount of shoes turned up just a few 100m from our site. Flip-flops, sandals and 1 high heel in sizes from 22 to 44. After our visit they all obediently plodded along to the collection point – hopefully showing the way to other lost items.

beach walk

* 14 shoes (no pairs)
* 4 plastic bottles
* 1 hypodermic needle
* 1 light bulb
* 6 plastic coffee cups
* 17 straws

starfish & coffee

* 1 glass perfume bottle (not fancy)
* 2 glass booze bottles
* 3 glass medicine bottles
* 1 bag full of plastic bits
* 4 used lighters
* 1 tennis racket (small, green plastic)
* 1 aluminum can
* 1 rocket launch (red plastic)
* 3 biros
* 99 bottle tops
* plastic bags
* 4 bits of pipe
* 4 bits of Styrofoam (including 1 mini box)
* 1 comb
* 1 umbrella handle


Nothing is lost in spirit..

After a few cold, stormy days our beloved beach has been intensely junked over. Now that the sun is back and sea has calmed down all kinds of items appear that have lost their owners. We have decided to categorise and log these lonely items in case someone, somewhere is missing them.

The bags of the days contain:
* 1 fishing net (very tangled)
* 3 bits of rope (blue, yellow, white)
* 3 dark brown medicine bottles
* A large yellow plastic cover
* 5 syringes
* 1 small Bic lighter (was red now light pink)
* 1 baseball cap
* 1 unused suppository
* 1 scraper
* 1 CAT sandal – child size
* 1 tiny white bow tie
* 1 sock (possibly grey)
* 2 green buckshots (used)


* 3 toothbrushes
* 6 plastic bottles
* A dozen straws – various sizes
* 5 smaller bits of styrofoam
* 1/2 5 l. canister w. lid
* Plastic tubs – various sizes
* Plastic lids – various sizes
* Orange bucket (broken)
* 7 aluminium cans in various stages of decay
* 200 bottle tops – assorted colours
* 6 unidentified plastic sticks with yellow liquid
* 2 short bits of rubber pipe
* 1 small ice cream spoon
* dozens bits of coloured bits of plastic

medicine bottle