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Mellow yellow…

Spring has truly arrived in Cyprus and around here the colour of the season is YELLOW! Yes, the rolling hills are covered in deep, rich greens. Yes, the sea and sky seem to stretch for eternity in beautiful blues. But the fields, gardens and roadsides are exploding in glorious, happy yellow. Mimosa trees, mustard blooms, lemon trees and wild flowers present a feast for the eyes. Only walking on the beach after the storm is another story…


Collection of the day sadly includes a lot of yellow items.
* 1 broken tub (yellow)
* 3 yellow clothes pegs
* 1 ghost net
* 2 handles
* 1 can (fanta)
* 2 letter “S”
* 4 plastic bottles
* 1 noodles wrapper
* Assorted plastic (yellow)
* 20 bottle tops
* A heap of Styrofoam
* 1 bedspring
* 2 shoes

yellow litter

So like most things in life there are good and bad sides – and this wonderful yellow spring is no exception. Make the best of it!

Nina on the beach


Pretty in pink…

Some days are so perfect they are impossible to put into words. Sunkissed sky, soft, rolling sea, palm trees gently waving in the breeze and a long walk on the beach without a soul in sight is just a feeble description. Ohhh Happy Beach, you are wonderful! Only snake in Paradise are the relentless lost items. And the collection of the day focuses on stereotypes.


Our walk took us further down the shore and we were greeted by such a depressing sight. Plastic debris strewn all over the beautiful shore. So much trash. A girly, pink theme appeared – including a pink lipstick – and a disturbing tube of “Fair & Lovely” face wash from India. I visited the amazing country a couple of years ago and saw many similar products. It infuriates me no end how people cash in on our disgusting favouritism of light skin.

fair and lovely

Collection count:
* 157 bottle tops
* 1 plastic bottle
* 1 tube of Fair & Lovely 😦
* 2 plastic fish
* 1 lighter (pink)
* 1 dummy (pink)
* 1 lipstick (pink/ plastic)
* 1 net
* 1 piece of purple rope

Furthermore it didn’t take long for Molly and Eddie to get entangled in a net. Of course they had me to help them out but I dread to think about the marine life that could have got into serious trouble.



After a cloud of rain in the morning the sun decided to shine lovingly on Happy Beach the rest of the day. Giving the clean up team plenty of energy to embrace the task at hand. Molly and I attacked the plastic battlefield whilst Oliver sorted among the seaweed and driftwood. This amounted to filling 2 sacks with plastic bits and nets that reached a total of 12.4kg. A tiny footballer along with a big football turned up to cheers us on…


* 2 sacks of plastic debris – 12.4kg total
* 75 bottle tops
* 1 plastic pistol
* 1 footballer
* 1 football
* 29 plastic bottles
* 5 plastic cups

12.4 kilos

* 45 straws
* 1 syringe
* 2 lighters
* 1 jumper
* 1 pair of blue trousers
* 1 sock
* 1 shoe
* 1 pink hair elastic
* 2 bits of fabric
* 3 fabric flowers
* 2m of pipe
* 1 toothbrush
* 1 toilet brush
* 5 used buckshot

Finally we created a beach fashion show with collected clothes from the beach.

Fashion Show

Sunny Sunday…

Sundays on the island are possibly the most relaxing ever. Everyone has oceans of time to visit family and enjoy the weather. Yet the beach never rests and this morning she held plenty of plastic waste; including a Green Seahorse, a Black Box (not used onboard flights) and a heart – dirty but not broken.

During the work we met four happy local fishermen, aged 10-11, heading for the rocks to try their luck. Made me sad to discover a couple of syringes in the sand moments after we said goodbye, knowing that they are used to these types of sightings.

black box

* 43 bottle tops
* 2 syringes
* 1 Chess piece (Black Pawn – Queen already located)
* 1 Black Box
* 1 heart (not broken)
* 1 used buckshot


* Heaps of assorted plastic
* 3 bits of styrofoam
* 2 aluminium cans
* 2 lighters
* 1 glass medicine bottle

fishing float

* 2 beach shoes
* 1 Fishing Float
* 22 plastic bottles
* 1 Green Seahorse
* 1 Broken Green rake (plastic)
* 1 Yoghurt pot


whole lot of LOVE…

The beach was so welcoming and beautiful today it just takes your breath away. As the sea has been calm new arrivals on the shore are limited – thankfully! The main feature was Oliver building a collection box for the found items out of recycled materials and bringing the entire lost & found project to another level. Nicely complimented by a little pouch I found…


* 144 bottle tops
* 1 window cleaning squeegee


* 1 lilac plastic no. 8
* 1/2 a scissors (purple plastic)
* 1 shoe
* 1 I Love You pouch


* 3 plastic bottles
* 1 glass medical bottle
* 1 used lighter
* 1 love wheel (toy buggy)
* Assorted plastic


Nothing is lost in spirit..

After a few cold, stormy days our beloved beach has been intensely junked over. Now that the sun is back and sea has calmed down all kinds of items appear that have lost their owners. We have decided to categorise and log these lonely items in case someone, somewhere is missing them.

The bags of the days contain:
* 1 fishing net (very tangled)
* 3 bits of rope (blue, yellow, white)
* 3 dark brown medicine bottles
* A large yellow plastic cover
* 5 syringes
* 1 small Bic lighter (was red now light pink)
* 1 baseball cap
* 1 unused suppository
* 1 scraper
* 1 CAT sandal – child size
* 1 tiny white bow tie
* 1 sock (possibly grey)
* 2 green buckshots (used)


* 3 toothbrushes
* 6 plastic bottles
* A dozen straws – various sizes
* 5 smaller bits of styrofoam
* 1/2 5 l. canister w. lid
* Plastic tubs – various sizes
* Plastic lids – various sizes
* Orange bucket (broken)
* 7 aluminium cans in various stages of decay
* 200 bottle tops – assorted colours
* 6 unidentified plastic sticks with yellow liquid
* 2 short bits of rubber pipe
* 1 small ice cream spoon
* dozens bits of coloured bits of plastic

medicine bottle