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the travel plans of plastic & a surprise..

The Happy Beach household has had many discussions about how waste travels in the sea. It seems specific debris items arrive in clusters – a wave of medical bottles turn up for a while, then there seems to be nothing but endless bits of light plastic on the shore, followed by a period of heavier things such as shoes. This cut up water bottle was found in very separate parts of the beach indicating that the journeys were slightly different.

and its mate

Maybe there are patterns connected with the weight of the item in question, currents, the season and wave velocity. Some brilliant people have been looking into the travel plans of plastic through the sea. The Moby Duck project is a study of 28.800 bathtub ducks that were lost at sea and subsequently followed by environmentalists to see the movement of plastics. The Adrift project is a great initiative, where you can track how plastic travels in your area.


The collection of the week includes:
* 1 big plastic bottle, cut in two
* 1 packet of cigarettes (opened)
* 1 panty liner
* 1 biro lid
* As always: Lots of assorted pieces of plastic
* Paper
* Broken tub
* Plastic bags
* 10 straws
* 1 knife handle
* Small pieces of rope
* 4 plastic bottles
* 1 cap screen
* 4 shoes
* 2 soles
* 1 heel
* 3 hypodermic needles
* 1 plastic wing
* 4 plastic coffee cups
* 232 bottle tops
* A toothbrush
* 1 piece of painted, blue wood
* The top half of plastic canister
* A ghost net trapped in the rocks

And a piece of good news: A contribution was made to the Happy Beach collection point on my birthday. A visitor found a sturdy length of rope and delivered it. Thank you!



White trash…

Spring is bringing new faces to happy beach. People have ventured outside to care for gardens, prune orchards, repair homes and the houses to let. And there are leisurely visitors too. Joggers, divers, kayak enthusiasts, fishermen and tourists are among those enjoying her shores. This influx of life seems to make the washed up debris an even more sorry sight. Today most of the collection is white – and there is plenty of it.

White trash

* 2 shoes
* 2 bottles of head & shoulders (1 Turkish, 1 Russian)
* 1 Bingo lighter
* 25 bottle tops
* 1 toothbrush
* 3 lids
* 2 toilet freshener holders
* 3 1/2 plastic bottles
* 5 straws
* 2 syringes
* 2 handels
* 1 roll of tape
* 1 knife handel
* 1 bendy pipe
* 1 water spray top
* Assorted plastic bits
* Loads of Styrofoam
* 1 Kazoo – pink!


50 shades of blue…

After a couple of months of living as a beachcomber I’ve started to experience a strange phenomenon. The most ambivalent feelings towards the colour blue! My day usually begins by opening the drapes and being greeted by an affluent pallet depending on the weather. It ranges from warm, welcoming turquoise, to cloudy denim blues, or lazy azure with a horizon fading into mysterious darkest blue. Always accompanied by her sister: the ever changing sky and the blues, greys, oranges, golds and violets advertise the day to come. All this is pure balm for the soul.

true blue

Only the ongoing struggle with plastic arrivals on Happy Beach transforms these emotions into frustration. Plastic comes in a range of colours – making them easy to spot on the sand and shores – but there is one colour that seems to prevail over all others: blue, blue, blue. Bottle tops, wrappers, rope, fishing net, lighters, buckshot, bags, containers and so much more is produced in this colour and seems to be everywhere. Our collection today focused on blue. I’m sad to say that it didn’t take long and there was much more than I could carry.

blue blue

Collection on Friday the 13th:
* 1 toothbrush
* 3 lighter
* 3 buckshot
* 1 Lego
* plastic plant container
* 2 straps
* bits of rope
* small plastic bits
* 55 bottle tops
* 2 plastic bottles
* 1 inhaler
* 2 shoes
* 1 toy shovel
* 9 clothes peg
* 1 straw
* 1 styrofoam cup (broken)
* 1 piece of pipe
* 1 rough side of a sponge
* 1 squeegee
* half a cooling element

eddie on the beach

Dinner on the beach…

Despite the plastic inferno this beach is still one of the most magical places on earth! Each morning her waves greet you by joyously playing on the shores. The vulcanic rocks are so cool and mysterious against the sandy/ pebbly seaside. And at the end of the cove rocks soar upwards making for fabulous climbing ground. Today we spent the afternoon in the embrace of beautiful sunshine roaming these welcoming shores…
And we found…

Dinner service

* 36 plastic bottles
* 96 bottle tops
* 1 deodorant (empty)
* 1 comb
* 2 toothbrushes
* 1 brush
* 2 glass medicine bottles
* 2 syringes
* Assorted plastic bits
* 8 lighters
* 4 buckshot
* 1 broken heart
* 1 plastic flower
* 4 fishing floats
* 1 flip-flop
* 1 hello kitty sandal
* 1 man’s beach shoe
* 1 green heel
* 4 plastic cups
* 2 plastic forks
* 3 plastic spoons
* 2 knife handles
* 1 wooden mouse!
* 2 aluminium cans
* 2 light bulbs
* Assorted pieces of net & rope

light bulbs

there’s a light…

More intensely beautiful days by the sea. The sun spreads so much joy that we spotted a fellow beach-lover diving into the blue, blue waters. On the collecting side we found 12 used lighters and 1 light bulb – all spreading a glow on the matter at hand: taking care of our wonderful shores.

Yoghurt pots

* 1 syringe
* 12 lighters
* 1 pink toothbrush
* 5 yoghurt pots (in various stages of decomposition)
* Assorted bits of plastic
* Knotted rope (white)
* 1 light bulb
* A green no. 2
* A window cleaning Squeegee
* 1 plastic flower


* 2 bits of styrofoam
* 2 short bits of pipe
* 10 bottle tops

Plastic flower