Please meet Lula…

In May 2017 my lovely rescue Bruno discovered a young pup hiding around some nearby rental houses. She was happily wagging her tail and eager to play with him.

We decided to foster this little joyster in the hope that she will find a forever home in need of a loving and playful companion.


Hello there!

Lula’s visit to the vet disclosed that she was 7 months old and has been through her first heat cycle. Initially she suffered a mild attack of Parvo virus but was treated successfully by the amazing doctor Maria, and returned to our home healthy and full of joy. She has completely recovered, is vaccinated and protected. No other dogs can catch anything from her. We had her spayed at the age of 11 months. Currently she is up to date with her vaccinations and tick and worm pills.

Happy Lula

A treat in the garden keeps me occupied

Breed and personality
The vet suggests that she is a Beagle possibly Jack Russell mix. Her coat is white and red with gorgeous white socks and darker fur on the tail.

She is house broken – displays a few antics like running off with toys, but in general Lula is very well behaved and learns fast! Has learnt to sit for treats and food and is good at walking on the leach.

Our two dogs took to Lula immediately, as she is super friendly, playful and energetic. She also happily greets humans and loves cuddles and attention. A home with a good garden and/ or other dogs would be ideal for her.

We have nick-named her “Sherlock” due to her constantly curious nature, eagerness to participate – and because she is really clever.

Lula has a high pitched bark, but is not a big barker and will alert you if something uninvited enters the grounds – or to trucks passing by.

She weighs 15kg, about 50cm tall and 60cm long.


I make friends quickly…

The adoption process
Lula is a little treasure, who will bring joy to a person or family looking for a loyal, fun and happy companion. We want to do what we can to ensure this can happen, as it’s not possible for us to keep her long term.

Therefore we have committed ourselves to do the following:

* Ensure that Lula has the microchipping and papers required.
* Ensure that she has an up-to-date bill of health.
* Ensure that she has the vaccinations needed.
* To purchase a ticket to the country of her new owner (within the EU).
* To provide a travel buddy for her journey to her new home.

love walks

I love my walks and sniffing about..

In return we ask for:

* A serious commitment from Lula’s new owner.
* An agreement that the ticket of Lula and her travel buddy will be refunded in case of a last minute cancellation.
* That we are alerted if the situation changes, and Lula is no longer able to stay with her new owner.
* Patience and love 🙂

Please get in touch if you are interested in adopting Lula – or would like more information.

little Lula.jpg

A bundle of love